Animal Care.

Animal Care.
Doing the Right Things Isn’t Always Easy.
Our chickens are the reason we can provide for our families; give to our communities; and help meet consumer needs. They depend on us and we depend on them. We recognize that consumers everywhere expect chicken products brought to market safely, responsibly, sustainably, as they should. Quality chicken products nourish us and are a vital source of nutritious protein—which helps build strength for work and play.

Our chickens are why we exist.

Most importantly we are their protectors and stewards; committed to providing respectful and dignified care. There’s no place for anything less. And for those who don’t understand that—and deliberately choose a different path—they will no longer work with us. That’s our promise.

Steps + Proof of Responsible Animal Care
Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 Rated for those consumers seeking more.
The GAP Rating System centers on three overlapping factors that together contribute to good farm animal care: Health & Productivity, Natural Living and Emotional Wellbeing. To achieve this, NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken uses GAP Step 2, which provides more:

  • Space inside the chicken house, since fewer chickens are placed there
  • Proof of responsible care, verified by an independent third party auditor
  • Information about the practices and people behind your products
  • Farmer training and specific-to-the-farm animal health and farm plans
  • Light intensity during waking hours and six continuous hours of darkness at night for rest
  • Enrichments in the chicken house to further support natural behavior

Meeting GAP-approved requirements are verified through an independent third-party certifier, Where Food Comes From®.

Is it the Chicken or the Egg?

In this case, it starts with the chicken….and then the egg!

Eggs for NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken start with farmers responsible for caring for the hens and roosters. The eggs are collected and tracked, so that we know exactly the farm each one came from.

The eggs are taken to a company-owned hatchery, where they’re placed into incubators. The incubators are at just the right temperature, humidity, and they turn the eggs, just like a mother hen would.

Care Package: Chick Delivery Day
The chicken house set-up makes conditions comfortable for arriving chicks. As they grow, temperature, space, and height of feed pans and water lines are adjusted to ensure proper care and comfort—no matter the life stage. To start:

  • Arriving chicks are placed in a smaller “brooder” area for closeness and warmth.
  • Feed pans and water lines are set to the right height to give chicks easy access.
  • Feed is tailored for chicks. To avoid picky eating, nutritious feed is first made into pellets to get the right balance of wholesome ingredients and then crumbled to make eating easier.
Life Inside a Chicken House

Chickens are domesticated animals. It’s nostalgic to imagine them scratching around a barnyard, but the truth is that they can’t easily fend for themselves outdoors—that is, without becoming easy prey for predators or exposed to illness and diseases carried by wild birds; or, to inclement weather—either too hot or cold.

So, what does that mean for life inside a chicken house?

  • Roam freely.
  • Have 24/7 access to filtered water and nutritious feed.
  • Have enough space to stretch out, peck, scratch, and act naturally.
  • Climate-controlled to keep the chicken house comfortable—no matter the weather outside.
  • Lighting and darkness to support natural periods of wakefulness and rest.
  • Tunnel ventilation to help move air and support a healthy environment to thrive.
  • Trained caregivers for humane care and handling.
  • No cages ever! Chickens raised for meat are never caged.
  • No steroids or added hormones. Federal law prohibits it.
  • No antibiotics administered nor in feed.
  • No feed containing animal by-products.
Chicken Nutrition
Chicken Feed & Ingredients: 
  • Wholesome corn and soybean meal
  • Healthy plant-based fats (NO animal by-products!)
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Company-owned feed mills test all ingredients for quality and nutrition, and every batch of feed is tracked and controlled every step of the way to ensure wholesomeness
The Reality: Chickens grow to market weight in approximately 6 weeks. Often consumers think that’s unnaturally quick, and we can see why they’d think that. But there’s nothing unnatural about it.
The Real Reasons for Growth:
  • Decades of getting "chicken genetics" just right
  • Ready and plentiful access to nutritious feed and water
  • Climate controlled environment for comfortable growth conditions
Drinking Water Inside the Chicken House

Drinking Water Inside the Chicken House
Chickens drink water from enclosed, sanitary systems through small nipples along water lines. Water flow is calibrated carefully, so chickens get what they need without too much excess dripping into dry bedding.
Good for Chickens, Good for the Environment
Keeping bedding as dry as possible is important for the health of chickens’ feet, also known as “paws.” Prolonged and unnecessary contact with excess moisture isn’t good for them. And, less wasted water also means respecting a precious resource like water!

Chicken House Enrichments
Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 Rated means placing "enrichments" in chicken houses to help further support natural behavior NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken houses small huts, and our chickens are all about them! Like birds in the wild naturally hide in and around plants and bushes, chickens can climb on top, sit next to, or hide underneath these tiny shelters. And they do!